Withy and Paper Sculpting:

This versatile technique can be used to build large and very colourful three dimensional artwork. Willow and masking tape are used to build a framework over which tissue paper is then stretched to create patterns and designs.

Children can work easily with the materials to design individual pieces or work collaboratively on larger sculptures.

This technique is fantastic for creating impressive sculptural installations, carnival costumes and 3D screens. Large pieces can be built within a day to transform an internal space, create scenery or provide a focus for a special event.

This technique works well as a whole school project from Nursery - Y6.

Perspex Screens:

This technique has been developed in response to the demand for permanent artwork for display outdoors.

These screens which contain very colourful collages are a great way of bringing a bit of life to outdoor structures such as fences and gazebos. They can also be used to screen areas such as outdoor classrooms and quiet corners from noisy playgrounds.

The artwork is produced by pupils during workshops run at school before it is sealed into the frames and installed.

Each set of frames is custom built and so they can be made in virtually any size to fit the existing buildings, fences and windows of your school.

Suitable for Ks1 and Ks2 pupils.

Screen Printing:

Screen printing is a great way of working with textiles such as wall hangings, banners and T-shirts and bags to create striking colourful designs.

Children can create individual pieces or work on large collective artworks for permanent installation

The method used in these workshops involves paper masking rather than chemical emulsions making the process accessible to children as young as the reception year group.

This technique is also fantastic for creating huge carnival visuals such as flags, banners and printed costumes

Suitable for Yr - Y6.